Board of Directors

Dr. Samy Gleitman


Chairman of the Board

Graduate in business administration, graduate sociologist

I have been running the German Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art e.V. for more than 15 years because I like to support Israel and make a positive contribution to German-Israeli relations.

Dr. Jack Schiffer


Vice chairman 

Lawyer and tax consultant

I am committed to TAMAD because children are our future. I am fully convinced of the idea of our children's peace project and of its dedicated organization by the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in numerous workshops.

Hélène Gleitman


Psychologist, psychological psychotherapist

I have been involved with TAMAD e.V. as a board member for many years, as I am convinced that educational mediation through art is an ideal way to promote communication between cultures, to break down prejudices and to experience mutual tolerance. From the beginning, I was inspired by the art education program for children at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Our children's peace project "The Art Road to Peace" is a creative and meaningful initiative to make the coexistence of Arab and Jewish children in Israel a bit more relaxed. 



Banker, Master of Arts

I am involved with TAMAD because, as a Christian with Israeli relatives, I also lived in an Islamic country for several years, and I consider our children's peace projects to be an essential step towards peaceful coexistence in Israel, breaking down barriers and changing prejudices.

Maria Moritz


Berlin Committee Management

Freelance work in the field of art

Peace in Israel and the fight against anti-Semitism are especially important to me. That is why I am actively committed to this cause. Especially the German Circle of Friends creates the
best connection between art and the children's peace project to build a bridge. In the children stands our future, to hopefully achieve peace in the Middle East.

Katrin Stoll



In my work as managing partner of the Munich art auction house NEUMEISTER, I realize every day how much our art and culture thrives on an international and multicultural exchange. It is important that we enable and promote an international dialogue between cultures. Therefore, it is a matter of the heart for me to fulfill my social responsibility and to get involved with TAMAD.

Dr. Angelika Sturny


Graduate Psychologist

In my function as a board member, I am involved in the children's peace project "The Art Road to Peace", in the hope of making a small contribution to peace in Israel.  The children there are especially close to my heart.
I hope that the children's art projects at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art will help to build an emotional bridge between Jewish and Arab children so that tolerance, understanding and a stronger sense of togetherness can grow.