We currently support the following workshops, each of which has a different priority:

The workshop "A Taste of Art at the Museum" is designed for Arab and Jewish children from 6 to 18 years. The children and young people come from the distant environs of Tel Aviv and are brought to the museum by bus.


"Paint Me Peace" was our very first "The Art Road to Peace" project. It is aimed at Jewish and Arab children aged 10 to 13.


The "Next Generation" project offers master classes for "museum tours" to children and young adults aged 10 to 18 on three afternoons throughout the year.


Seven Arab and seven Jewish children from Tel Aviv/Jaffa are taking part in this project. The aim is to teach the children professional animation techniques with their smartphones in 8 meetings.


Arab and Jewish families from Tel Aviv/ Jaffa take part in this new family workshop, which takes place at both the Mandel Center in Jaffa and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.


The museum education department of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art also has other project and workshop proposals.