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Deutscher Freundeskreis des Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Origin and Goals

The Freunde des Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Deutschland e.V. (TAMAD e.V.) was founded in 2001 as a non-profit association. Its general purpose is the promotion of the arts and culture; its specific purpose is supporting the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and its projects and activities in many different ways. We see art and culture as the unifying, international basis of our activities – and completely independent of nationality, politics, language or religion.


Our main focus is supporting the peace project "The Art Road to Peace". In addition, we promote contact between German and Israeli artists as well as cooperation between museums and galleries in Germany and Israel.


We are a member of the Bundesverband der Fördervereine deutscher Museen für bildende Kunst (Federal Association of German Fine Arts Museums) and frequently exchange information with its members.


Our members and Board of Trustees include prominent individuals in public and cultural spheres, who very actively support our tasks. In addition to its commitment to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, TAMAD is a pro-active social forum that offers its members individual art and cultural activities. Several times a year we hold events featuring interesting topics and lectures; these are usually held in the private homes of our members. Our program also includes visits to private collections, exclusive guided tours through exhibitions and museums as well as art-program trips, including in Israel, of course.


During the International Board of Governors (BoG) in November 2014 in Tel Aviv, Dr. Samy and Hélène Gleitman were awarded the Tel Aviv Museum of Art's "Honorary Fellowship Award" on behalf of the Deutschen Freunde des Tel Aviv Museum of Art. This honor represents a great recognition for the many dedicated activities of our association.


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